Leadership with Passion through Kokorozashi

Tomoya Nakamura, Dean of GLOBIS University

Leadership with Passion through Kokorozashi

Tomoya Nakamura, Dean of GLOBIS University
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Are you leading with passion and purpose? Technology is changing the very essence of leadership. Leading with your own core values is more necessary than ever. Developing these values and lifelong goals will provide leaders with a strong internal compass to guide them through uncertain times. In Japanese, this personal mission is referred to as kokorozashi.

Are you ready to take action? This course requires participation. You will not be watching passively, but reflecting upon yourself and committing yourself to action. Each section features a video case—an animated example of a real business situation that serves as a guide to the lesson material.

Lecturer Tomoya Nakamura takes learners on a journey of self-realization. After a brief introduction, the course is divided into the following three sections:

  • Know the World: Conduct an environmental analysis to understand your role as a leader. Develop your abilities and mindset to take action.
  • Know Yourself: Uncover the unique skills and values that will serve as your core identity and leadership persona.
  • Developing Your Kokorozashi: Establish and evolve your own lifelong personal mission that will inspire others and guide your leadership.

Note: This course is developed by GLOBIS and hosted by Udemy. If you do not have an account with Udemy, you will need to create one prior to enrollment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Gain exclusive insights through animated video cases of real business
  • Utilize a PEST and 3C analysis to understand your business environment
  • Build an action plan, nurture your abilities, and determine a mindset through inspirational leaders
  • Connect your values and career skills
  • Make a commitment to becoming a leader of change and innovation



Tomoya Nakamura

Tomoya Nakamura is the Dean of Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. He teaches courses in the disciplines of leadership and globalization, and also frequently conducts training programs for global corporations.

Prior to joining GLOBIS, Mr. Nakamura worked at Marubeni Corporation, reorganized an invested company at Advantage Partners, and was the Senior Managing Director of SUNLIFE Corporation.

Mr. Nakamura graduated from Hitotsubashi University with a degree in Social Studies and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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