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GLOBIS Unlimited combines the power of technology and GLOBIS entrepreneurial spirit of innovation to offer a high-quality business education for everyone, everywhere.

Our courses embody the quality, innovation, and practicality that GLOBIS is known for, focusing on Japan and Asia as well as technology-driven business.

Unlock your potential with the management knowledge and business leaders of Japan’s No. 1 MBA through GLOBIS Unlimited.

About GLOBIS University

GLOBIS University is Japan’s No. 1 MBA, offering degree programs in the heart of Tokyo and online.

In 1992, entrepreneur Yoshito Hori founded GLOBIS as a single marketing course in a rented classroom in downtown Tokyo. In 25 years, GLOBIS has grown to become Japan’s largest business school, training more than 100,000 business professionals. GLOBIS has five campuses in Japan and overseas offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and Bangkok.

Courses focus on practical, relevant business skills delivered by top industry professionals. A technology-driven curriculum equips students with the expertise necessary in the digital era. Students forge a valuable personal network, meeting friends and mentors who provide lifelong fellowship and guidance. The interactive nature of GLOBIS classes encourages teamwork and bonding. Finding your kokorozashi, or personal mission, is a requirement for all GLOBIS students, who are given ample opportunities to consider their goals and pursue their passions.

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